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Aftercare for waxing is essential!

You will leave a waxing treatment with open pores and tender skin

This needs to be looked after properly to prevent bacteria clogging up your pores

When the new hair starts to grow your skin needs to be well moisturised and exfoliated so the hair

can come through naturally without becoming stuck under a layer of dead skin cells - the ingown hair

Here are a few tips to prevent spots and ingrown hairs

For the 24-48 hours after your wax -

Keep the area clean

No Sunbeds or heat treatments

No Gym, Steam, Sauna or any exercise activity resulting in sweat

Try not to touch newly waxed skin

Only use products recommended by Wax For Men Manchester

No Shower Gel or Soaps, deodorants etc

No friction - for intimate waxes this means no sex (sorry - it's just for a day or two)

Have a luke warm shower only! No hot water

Beyond the first couple of days -

Don't wear tight fitting clothes

Mosturise every day!

Gently exfoliate several times per week

It is very important to keep this routine of aftercare going especially for several weeks

after your wax when the new hairs begin to grow

If you have any questions about aftercare please call or text Robbie on 07960266141

I am happy to answer any of your questions no matter how silly they may seem 

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